Online Courses Recommendations

List of study modules or options:
1. Addressing Racism through the Christian Faith: A Guided Discussion for White Practitioners
2. Addressing Racism through the Christian Faith: A Guided Discussion for Black Practitioners
3. Translating our differences within the context of the Bible
4. The Origins of Racism
5. Family. Vs Racism: The Effects of Racism on the Black Family Dynamic
6. Using my Christian Faith as a Vehicle to Forgive an Act of Discrimination and Racism
7. Creating a Healthy Marriage through the Principals of the Christian Faith
8. Basic Fundamentals of a Christian-Based Marriage
9. Basic Fundamentals of Divorcing within the Christian Faith
10. Balancing Gender Roles within a Christian-Based Marriage
11. Addressing Challenges within Christian-Based Marriage
12. Seeking a Male Partner for Healthy Christian-Based Marriage
13. Norms of Academic Writing: How to Write a Good Academic Abstract
14. Norms of Academic Writing: Four Main Approaches/Types of Research
15. Norms of Academic Writing: Research Methods
16. Money as strategy for church growth
17. Funding Faith as a method to Grow the Number of Practitioners
18. Justifying the Spirit of Funds to Expand the Church
19. Tackling Spiritual Ambiguity in the Midst of Financial Contribution
20. Accounting Financial Contributions within the Christian Church
21. Recipe for Success: Tactics to enhance the Church’s Growth and Expansion
22. Strategies for Church Growth in the midst of COVID-19
23. Building the Christian Faith in Schools and in Church
24. Setting Boundaries: Addressing Humor as a strategy for Church Growth
25. Translating Culture within the Context of the Bible
26. Strengthening Faith: How do we teach, translate, and interpret the Bible?
27. Creating a Space for Wisdom and Understanding to Strengthen Church Growth
28. Leading a Christian-Based Group Counseling Session
29. Preaching versus Counseling within the Christian Faith
30. Counseling on the value of money within the Christian Faith
31. Finding a way back: Counseling Christians who are Questioning their Faith