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KEY TO THE BIBLE – Mobile App – It is live on Google Play Store!

Greetings and God bless you. A quick overview of Key to the Bible is:

  1. 2600 pages of Holy Spirit inspired Bible Teachings from Genesis to Revelation.
  2. We maintain the spiritual controversies of Jesus Christ and Apostle Paul.
  3. We maintain The Offence of the Cross.
  4. We do not shy away from Bible errors and contradictions, because we have Bible theories to explain the errors, omissions, corruptions, contradictions, inconsistences, and foolishness in the Holy Bible as God-ordained spiritual seals for good purpose.
  5. We are only virtual and worldwide.
  6. Our aim is Salvation by The Bible only!
  7. Christianity is a School whose only pursuit is to seek the knowledge of God Almighty and Jesus Christ, from Genesis to Revelation.
  8. The best way to know God is to obey the commandments of Jesus Christ:
  9. The best way to obey the commandments of Jesus Christ is to correctly understand the mystery of the Word of God.
  10. The best way to correctly understand the mystery of the Word of God of Jesus Christ is why this Key to the Bible Mobile App was written for you: Key to the Bible – Complete Bible Curriculum!
  11. Mobile App User Experience Functionality:

i. Search engine for any word or topic in the Bible

ii. Search results total count

       iii. Subject teachings with Book of the Bible references

       iv. Reading or audio functionality

       v. Font size increase or decrease

       vi. Text-to-voice audio function

  1. A onetime fee of $70 for a lifetime 2600-page textbook is actually a gift to you! Support the teaching of the Gospel of Jesus Christ! Go to Google Play Store and download it now!

There are two channels of training as follows. Everything is virtual:

  1. Pastoral Training for Ministry
  2. Personal Training for Spiritual Growth

Group 1 Members will register at WWW.THEBIBLEUNIVERSITY.ORG for Pastoral training and a Degree Certificate at completion.

Group 2 Members will register at WWW.THEBIBLEUNIVERSITYCHURCH.ORG for proper Christian education and spiritual growth.

Thank you and God bless you.

Rev. Prof. Peter Pryce

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