Foreward by Very. Fr. Prof. Anthony Afful-Broni. Ph.D

Foreward by Very. Fr. Prof. Anthony Afful-Broni. Ph.D

Growing up as a Primary School child, I was taught, among other things, man is in this world to know God, love Him, serve Him, so as to be abl to return to Him in heaven eventually. I must confess that this simple but fundamental teaching has not changed that much for me, after these many years of studying Church teachings, Scriptures, and about Life in general. Indeed, life cannot be meaning unless we derive this fundamental truth from it. Life as we have experienced it, cannot be about anything contrary to this simple truth.

Those who occupy themselves with other agenda end of quite miserably. They may, for example, stock pile for themselves all manner of treasures; but may not, in the end live healthily or happily to enjoy the fruits of their labour. There is also the possibility of educating oneself and preparing well for a job; rising through the ranks, making all the money and getting all the treasures which the world can offer; only to end up tragically and suddenly in death. In such cases, one would if this is all the world is about! We Christians can say with confidence though, that life as we see it is not the end of it all – there is a heaven!(John 14: 1-12)

Yet, knowing God, loving Him and serving Him are not easy to do. Understanding what it means to know, love and serve God cannot be taken for granted. The Word of God plays significant roles in man’s efforts at understanding how to know, love and serve God. Living righteous life is key to knowing, loving and serving God; and understanding the Word of God is still key to living that righteous life. Even though some people believe that they could read and understand the Bible just as they would a Journal or Magazine, we are of the view that a systematic, planned manner of studying God’s Word is very important, and many things go into that deep appreciation of the Word of God which we believe carries the mind of God. The author successfully blends three seemingly unrelated academic disciplines:(i) Translation, (ii) Bible Scholarship and (iii) A novel technique of the intralingual Bible translation called The Perfect Harmony Method of Bible Translation.

I recommend this work, and I invite readers to find out how this author identifies and explains three types of translation (intralingual, interlingual and intersemiotique translation); how he ensures that translation fidelity is attained through revelations of the hidden meanings of the Book of Mathew; and how he uses a Bible translation method called perfect harmony that he discovers in the Bible and applies with a verifiable scientific approach such that the scriptures begin to make so much excellent sense. I invite you to find out..,in this book! See how this author brings together both intellectual and spiritual values in one book.

Very Rev. Fr. Prof. Anthony Afful-Broni Ph.D
Catholic Chaplain, UEW

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