Community Health Education Services



This is a Community Health Education Service, a Mental Health Education Program planned for both undergraduate and graduate level students using Racism Awareness Training and a Racism Detoxification Program. The aim of the Course is to expose students to the public health crisis of racism.

On November 24, 2020, writing in USA TODAY: “The American Medical Association’s House of Delegates – which includes 600-plus members from every medical specialty – released a statement last that describes three tiers of racism detailed in the policy: systemic, cultural and interpersonal. Each poses specific barriers to quality medical care and good health and hinders the advancement of health equity, the group wrote.”

Furthermore,” Racism is a declared a public health crisis in 145 cities and counties across 27 states in America”. Specifically, “The American Public Health Association, which tracks declarations of racism as a public health issue, lists 145 cities and counties across 27 states — up from only seven in 2019. Five were statewide declarations and three were issued by states’ governors (Michigan, Wisconsin and Nevada)”.

In addition, a handful of Local Governments and Counties in the USA have long declared Racism as a public health crisis for well over a decade.

Therefore, this Mental Health Education Course will expose students to research and knowledge about the public health crisis of racism, especially in this globalized world where students have numerous opportunities to travel into European and American countries where racism is a social problem and has been declared a public health crisis.

African students’ lack of exposure to knowledge and research on racism, especially before they travel to racist European and American countries, African students’ lack of exposure on how to detoxify oneself from a racist encounter, leaves our African Students handicapped with Post Racism Experience Traumatic Syndrome (PRETS).

At the end of the Health Education Course, students will be able to define racism, identify racism, analyze racism, appreciate historical connotations of racism, and understand how to mentally process racism effectively detoxify oneself of Post Racism Experience Traumatic Syndrome (PRETS).