No need to leave your Church

Bible Study With REV. DR. PETER PRYCE

So do I have to leave my church to join the Rev. Dr. Peter Pryce Bible Lecture Series?

No, you do not have to leave your church because the main focus of this Virtual University is the Bible, it is to understand the Bible. Therefore, you can stay in your church and anytime you have a Bible question, you send it to me and I give you a tailor-made answer just for you.

Now you know that there are other great Pastors who teach the Bible but the problem is that you cannot write to them personally because they give you what they believe you are supposed to know and so there is no communication on Bible questions with them. That is the main difference with the Rev. Dr. Peter Pryce Bible Lecture Series. In this Virtual Bible University, you access the over 1,850 Bible questions that I have answered over the years and if you do not find your Bible question answered there, you write directly to Rev. Dr. Peter Pryce and you will receive tailor-made answers specifically written for your Bible question: this is the big difference and great advantage for Christians in every denomination to take advantage of in order to know the Word of God.

For you, the only definition as a Christian is that you know and obey the Word of God. So now if you don’t know the Word of God, then how can you obey the Word of God?

Is there a test by which I can know that I do not know the Word of God?

Yes, each time you read the Word of God, that is, if you even have time to read it and study it, and you do not understand what you are reading, that is the evidence that you need help to know/to understand the Word of God from a Bible Teacher with the Jesus methodology of Perfect Harmony in Bible research and teaching.


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