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The objectives of The Bible University. (EIN82-3501141) are:

  • Educate people worldwide in Bible Scholarship: how to read, understand, examine, harmonize, verify, test, and research the Bible, both as Literature, and as Faith Teachings on Salvation.
  • Train Christians, Pastors, and Prophets to examine and understand the Bible using the Perfect Harmony Theory for Translation and Interpreting, as well as the Curriculum for the Bible College.
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Sample Radio Bible Teaching

Muslim-Christian Debate: Sheikh Mohammed Awal vs Dr. Peter Pryce – Qibla FM, New York, USA – Is the Bible Authentic & Divine?

Hello doctor am from nigeria I appreciated the wonderful job of debate you done alongside your counterpart sheikh Ahmed Muhammad Awal on the topic “is the Bible authentic or the words of Allah”, (i watch on you tube) thanks.

Ishaku Abubakar Gwama

Sample TV Bible Teaching