The Bible University



1. First, read carefully The Bible University Prospectus

2. Decide what degree program you want to do.

3. Please complete your application here:

4. Receive your admission letter.

5. Purchase your textbooks here: CURRICULUM TEXTBOOKS –

6. Use the COURSE PROGRESS EVALUATION below to advance in your textbooks.

7. When you are ready, apply to take the exam.

8. When you are successful in the exam, begin to write your research paper under the guidance of your Research Supervisor.

9. When you have completed and your research is approved, verify that you have met all study requirements, and then apply to graduate.

10. Graduate, apply for your transcript, and then go and begin to teach the correct Salvation Gospel of the LORD Jesus Christ!


Methodology for Student-Professor interaction in order to ensure and verify Student reading and assimilation of the contents of the textbook:

  1. Read on your own and consult with the Bible Professor regularly.
  2. Write down your questions in a separate clean notebook to serve as your evidence of Bible Study progress for graduation.
  3. Here is the acceptable format for our Bible Q and A:
    1. Cite book references such as page number, topic, chapter, and a short quote from the text in the book
  4. After you have done all the above diligently, then I will accept your question for discussion.
  5. It is not acceptable for the Bible Student to say that he or she has understood everything and so he/she has no question for the Bible Professor.
  6. As a Bible Student in The Bible University, you must use the above methodology for continuous assessment in order to be sure of graduating.
  7. Thank you and God bless you.
    Rev. Prof. Peter Pryce.


The objectives of The Bible University. (EIN82-3501141) are:

  • Educate people worldwide in Bible Scholarship: how to read, understand, examine, harmonize, verify, test, and research the Bible, both as Literature, and as Faith Teachings on Salvation.
  • Train Christians, Pastors, and Prophets to examine and understand the Bible using the Perfect Harmony Theory for Translation and Interpreting, as well as the Curriculum for the Bible College.
  • Instruct Christians, Pastors, and Prophets on the correct methodology to write Scriptures and Christian Literature.
  • Teach Christians, Pastors, and Prophets how to re-search the Scriptures, understand the Bible, and prepare sermons.
  • Plant Bible Schools within collaborating churches.
  • Carry out any or related charitable programs.
  • Offer Translation and Interpretation services worldwide.
  • Publish Christian books, editing, e-book publishing advisement, and book writing services.
  • Receive contributions in cash or kind to the Organization under United States IRS Section 170. This NGO is also US Government approved to receive tax-deductible bequests, devises, transfers, or gifts under Sections 2055, 2106, or 2522.

For any of these services, please contact:

DSEF, BA, MA, B.Soc.Sc Pol Sci, IBA, PhD
A Scribe of the Law of the God of Heaven
Prophet of the Word of God
Professor of French, USA
Silver Spring, MD, USA

Telephone & WhatsApp:

E-mail: or


Sample Radio Bible Teaching

Muslim-Christian Debate: Sheikh Mohammed Awal vs Dr. Peter Pryce – Qibla FM, New York, USA – Is the Bible Authentic & Divine?

Hello doctor am from nigeria I appreciated the wonderful job of debate you done alongside your counterpart sheikh Ahmed Muhammad Awal on the topic “is the Bible authentic or the words of Allah”, (i watch on you tube) thanks.

Ishaku Abubakar Gwama

Sample TV Bible Teaching